“Eagle Business Corporation is designed to take the hassle off your plate and help your creative ideas succeed.”


· 15 Lakh Products / Year
· 1.25 Lakh every Month

Work Force

· 400 + Employees


· 250+ Machines

Factory Area 

· 20,000 Sq. Ft

RBA Compliance & Legal

We make sure your products are in compliance with local regulations and our suppliers are qualified.

· RBA & ISO Compliant Facility
· Product risk assessment
· Local regulation standards
· Supplier licence verification

Rock-bottom Prices

Through delicate process management and scientific raw material management, Eagle Business Corporation can offer prices much lower than many rivals.

· SKU optimization
· Consolidations
· Long-term agreements
· Against-budget projecting

Fast & Accurate

Our experienced in-house team and long-standing relationship with top suppliers enables us to deliver products with unprecedented speed. In most cases, the lead time between order and delivery is 40 days or less.

· Door-to-door delivery
· Free on board delivery

High Quality

We support the world’s largest organizations and offer best-in-class quality controls.

· Incoming goods inspection
· In-line inspection
· Pre-shipment inspection
· Acceptable-quality-level test